These are some of the trusses we commonly manufacture and their uses.  We may be able to meet your needs with other trusses that are not pictured here.

Roof Trusses


Mono Truss: Used for porch applications, custom roof line filler

Room in Attic Truss:  Very popular in the last 3 years, extra space without cost of whole second level

Raised Ceiling Truss: Usually in bedrooms, to change from flat ceiling without the cost of vault or scissor ceiling

Coffered Ceiling Truss: Same use as raised ceiling truss, but with angles instead of square look

Trey Ceiling Truss: Used just like the raised and coffered trusses, but the angle starts right at the plate line rather than having any flat area

Vaulted Truss: Usually used in the living room, family room, dining room, or kitchen to give a more open feeling

Partial Scissor Truss: This is the same as the vaulted truss, but partial because of floor plan, bath, and other areas are flat

Scissor Truss: Used like a vaulted truss, but slopes on both sides where a vault slopes on one side and squares out on the other

Common Roof Truss: An engineered product, uniform, and efficient installation


Floor Trusses

Floor Truss: An engineered product, uniform, and efficient installation; also, allows for heating & cooling & plumbing duct work


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